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Tesman Remote Loading Arm System
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Tesman Remote Loading Arm

The TesMan Remote Loader is a lightweight, multi-purpose unit that easily adapts to your underground mobile equipment via a customizable Quick-Connect attachment system. By incorporating a simple locking pin assembly, the installation and removal of the SP-TRL is an easy two-minute process for one person.

  • Loads bulk emulsion, ANFO, or stick products, plus electric and non-electric caps
  • Auger attachment cleans lifters and lower holes
  • Screen cutter attachment cuts without removing essential ground control
  • Communication station and dashboard
  • Compact and lightweight - weighs less than 600 lbs (270 kg); adaptable to almost any piece of mobile equipment
  • Will clean and load a 20 ft x 20 ft (6m x 6m) round with standard boom; up to 70 holes in two hours
  • Operator stays secure at least 17 ft (5 m) from the face with standard boom and never has to approach the face
  • Clean and load as fast, if not faster, than by hand; avoids repetitive strain injuries of twisting, turning, digging and cutting

Watch the video below to see the TesMan Remote Loading Arm in action!

Photo of Tesman Loading Arm
Photo of Tesman Loading Arm
Photo of Tesman Loading Arm
Photo of Tesman Loading Arm
Photo of Tesman Loading Arm